Switch to Peoples State Bank

You can quickly and easily take advantage of the convenience and benefits of Peoples State Bank accounts. All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your new account with Peoples State Bank.
  2. Stop using your old accounts.
  3. Request to Change Direct Deposit – Complete this form to stop your direct deposits from going to your old accounts, and start sending them to your new Peoples State Bank account.
  4. Automatic Transfer Authorization – Revoke your existing bank’s authority to initiate payments from your old accounts, and authorize the initiation of payments from your new Peoples State Bank account.
  5. Request to Close Account – When your direct deposits are being received by your new Peoples State Bank account and all outstanding items have cleared, use this form to close your old account(s) and terminate authority for transfers between them.
We are excited to welcome you to Peoples State Bank! Contact your local branch with questions or more information.